Screw Compressors - Lubricated & non-Lubricated

RENNER is specialists in the manufacture of screw compressors - lubricated and non-lubricated.

Screw compressors generate compressed air by means of rotating intermeshing spiral rotors. These compressors are often also called screw air ends. Screw compressors are particularly suitable when continuous, consistent pressure is required. These machines are real endurance runners. Screw compressors are often found in industry and trade.

In contrast to piston compressors, screw compressors are still relatively new on the market. Although the principle was developed as early as the 19th century by the German, Heinrich Krigar, the screw compressor did not really gain acceptance until after the Second World War.

Screw compressors are characterized by their relatively small design and low mass. They run quietly and supply compressed air with a very uniform flow. Compared to piston compressors, screw compressors are significantly quieter. This is because there are no high mechanical forces that have to be slowed down or accelerated. The effect: a lower resonance oscillation and therefore less sound.

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