NUVONIC - Ultraviolet (Uv) Technology for Disinfection

NUVONIC is world leader in the development of this technology for last 85 years. UV energy not only disinfects and sterilizes, but also deozonises, dechlorinates and reduce total organic carbon (TOC).

Disinfection and sterilization can be done for liquid, surface, air and odour removal. Systems from NUVONIC are used in municipal water treatment for million gallons per day, at individual food, beverage and pharmaceutical plants, swimming pools, fishponds, air conditioning systems, odour control and surface treatment of foods. etc.

NUVONIC special lamps produce powerful concentrated ultraviolet light which destroys micro-organisms. This light eliminates bacteria, viruses, spores and mould. It works in the same way as strong sunlight to permanently purify water by making biological impurities inactive.

With over 50,000 systems installed Worldwide, NUVONIC has one of the most extensive industrial UV water treatment customer bases. To support these systems we maintain a comprehensive service and support operation, backed by a World-class spares & consumables supply system. Trade Tacts trained engineers provide first class technical and service support to all NUVONIC systems installed in Pakistan.

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