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AF Compressors, Ateliers François S.A. is a family-owned company which roots are back to 1870 in Liège, Belgium.

AF compressors has developed and produced reciprocating piston compressors for various industrial applications during the years. Today, and since the early 2000’s AF is the market leader for 3-stage oil free compressors for the PET bottling applications. With more than 6500 units in 180 different countries and yearly sales figure ca. 100Mo€, the portfolio also includes 15 daughter companies and 20 official agencies around the globe. Most recently, AF has launched its two-stage oil free compressors including all technical improvements.

The new range is a groundbreaking innovation for 7 bar and 10 bar, low pressure oil free compressors capacities ranging from 7,2 m³/min up 58 m³/min and for the 20-40 bar oil free PET compressors capacities from 150 up to 3300 m³/h applications. AF Compressors systems are designed for low energy, carbon footprint reduction and sustainable growth. AF compressors are sustainable for decades.

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